Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Mini-reunions and weekend with Angus

It's been a few weeks, I know, but I still want to tell you guys about the two mini-reunions from Sunday, Feb. 25th. Also, I visited Angus last weekend so I will weave that tale into this account.

Anna and I met at this new vegetarian place in Chinatown, Buddha Bodai. I had heard good things about it, but it was terrible. I think they added sugar to everything. (Sorry Anna.) Stephanie was supposed to join us but a friend of hers went into labor so she had to back out. (Sorry we missed you Steph!) So it was just me and Anna. And we had already had our reunion in 2002 when Angus got married. (Which was a blast. We met at the Newark airport around 4 am and didn't sleep until the plane ride home, some 30-plus hours later.)

This time was more about catching up. Here's a picture.

Several hours later, Jessie came over. We hadn't seen each other since the early 1990s so it was a total reunion. I couldn't believe she had just had a baby. She lost all her weight just 6 weeks after giving birth! (Well, you guys saw the picture.) Anyway, Jessie couldn't meet for dim sum earlier that day because her in-laws were in town. But she snagged me tickets to her husband's cousin's film Out of Sight. The theatre was packed, but we scrounged up some seats. It was great! It will be playing again at the Isreali film festival on 62nd and Bway if anyone wants to see it.

Thursday I flew into Fort Lauderdale to see Angus and his wonderful wife, Lauris. It was a trip we had been planning for some time. (We = me and my boyfriend, who also happens to be Angus's brother. Wierd, I know.) Friday morning I did the CNN thing, but the rest of the trip was fun and relaxing. We went to a Russian spa, kayaking and ate a lot of Chinese food. I had hoped to see Julia, who lives closeby, but she was travelling. Angus is also really skinny! He lost 25 pounds on a vegan diet.

Here's the only picture I have of that trip (yuck). It was taken at the airport before heading home.

Anyway, I really really really hope to see the rest of you soon.



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