Saturday, February 11, 2006

Jen H.!

OK ... I am on a roll!! - Jen H. was the hardest to find so far, but she is found and is livin' la vida loca in L.A., apparently not too far from where Jenny C. lives (depending on traffic!) ... it's amazing they haven't bumped into each other yet, given that there are only 20 million people there.

The phone number and address in the 'yearbook' are long defunct, and I'd given up hope (something I do fairly commonly) until it occurred to me that maybe I should look for a "Jenny," not a "Jen" - since the yearbook has her as Jenny.

This led to a listing at a "Whitney High School" in Cerritos, CA for a Jenny H. who went there in the late 80's. (I'm trying not to put full names on the blog since that might be a lead for other stalkers ... only I'm allowed to stalk!!).

She hasn't told me the gossipy stuff about her life yet (oh I know it's there), but she's living and working in West LA near UCLA. She may also have some idea about where Tom is ...

Jen - welcome to the CCSC 1989 blog!!


At 8:01 AM, Blogger Vivian said...

Ang, can you send me the newly located Jen and Jenny's email addresses? You know, in case they don't show up here....I've always had it in the back of my mind that Jen and Tom lived happily ever after.

LA, hmmm, why would anyone want to live in LA?


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