Thursday, March 02, 2006

What I Did This Past Weekend

For those of you wondering why I ended up blowing you off this past weekend, you can check out the results at my Flickr photoset of the inaugural New York Comic-Con. You can also hit the news roundup page at the animation website that I write for, which is how I managed to land myself a press pass to cover the event. Nothing like getting something for free that you would have paid for.

It was completely insane-o crazy at the Javits that weekend, and I think I'd have had a hell of a time trying to meet anybody in the chaos. Also, the Javits is at the ass-end of nowhere, as New York City goes, which means even if we had met up, we'd be subject to either hauling out someplace cool or indulging in the "food" court there. It was enough to subsist on, but just barely, and the sad thing is that even what's there now beats what used to be there a few years ago.

Also, I think I'm the one who turned off the e-mail comment responses. I was wondering if it was per-person or global. I guess it was global. Oops. How do I unsubscribe from that feed? I prefer reading the comments on the blog.


At 6:53 PM, Blogger Jessie said...

I never realized how extensive a comic book convention can be. Great idea to take photos of the booths before the crowd decends, Ed.


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