Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Feng Chia Picnic, Northeast Edition 7/2/2006

So a bunch of us got together on July 2nd for a picnic in Riverside Park on NYC’s Upper West Side. The weather was nice – warm & sunny, and we had a table in the shade! Full pics are here, but here's a sampling.

Present initially were: Vivian, Karynn, Kaja, Jessie, and me, with associated significant others and children (or lack thereof).

Anna (with associated small animal) wasn’t able to make it to the picnic part but she did come up a little later.

The next night, July 3, Morgan & I got to see the Mets pounded by the otherwise inept Pirates at Shea Stadium:

The full set of pics is here:

Feng Chia Picnic Pictures!

Oh and lastly here’s a pic of me and Morgan, circa 1989:


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